Coorg ‘Scotland of India’

Coorg, is aptly termed as the Scotland of India and the Kashmir of Karnataka. The place is famous for its evergreen forests, lush green valleys, misty hills, sprawling coffee plantations, tea estates, orange groves, lofty peaks and fast-flowing streams. It is a popular weekend getaway in Southern India, especially for people from neighboring Dakshina Kannada, […]

Kailasa Temple Ellora

Although all of the caves at Ellora are stunning architectural feats, the Kailasa Temple is the jewel in the crown. Carved to represent Mt. Kailasa, the home of the god Shiva in the Himalayas, it is the largest monolithic structure in the world, carved top-down from a single rock.It contains the largest cantilevered rock ceiling in […]

Vijayanagara Empire

Vijayanagara was the richest empire of Indian Sub continent during their reign. Whats left is their ruins and it’s a worth to visit their architectural glory!!! If you are travelling to India by any chance, please don’t miss this brilliant engineering work which gives you a time travelling effect. People who have already visited Hampi […]

Hidden treasures of Tosh

Are you looking for a place to escape from chaos and crowd?? I have the right place for you. It was my second trip to Himachal Pradesh and as always I wanted to visit places I haven’t being to and ofcourse where the crowd is less.. I have heard a lot of stories about Tosh […]

Serenely beautiful Gokarna

Gokarna is situated on the western coast of Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. Gokarna is a small temple town with secluded and pristine beaches. My Journey  Gokarna is famous among the pilgrims and attracts a lot of trekkers,travelers and wanderlust. The culture of Gokarna makes you stay there and wanting for more. It is undoubtedly […]

The mystical geographical position.

The Mount Kailash is said to be the axis of the Earth, which maintains the atmosphere to keep all the living beings alive. Well, this shows that the ultimate energy is always concerned about his creations. *You must have known the fact that beautiful Mount Kailash in Tibet has never been climbed by any mountaineer. *