Hidden treasures of Tosh

A view en route Tosh

Are you looking for a place to escape from chaos and crowd?? I have the right place for you. It was my second trip to Himachal Pradesh and as always I wanted to visit places I haven’t being to and ofcourse where the crowd is less.. I have heard a lot of stories about Tosh valley so I thought I will check it out in this trip. I don’t remember the approximate time required to reach Tosh from Manikaran, but you will find buses till later afternoon for sure. Anyways Manikaran is the starting point to Tosh. You will find buses to Barshaini and from there you have to either walk or board a taxi to reach Tosh valley.. I am not a person who would prefer taxi so as I reached Barshaini, I decided to walk. I kept climbing slowly to the Tosh Valley and it took me hardly 1 hour to reach Tosh.

A valley that keeps changing with time

Reaching Tosh, I felt all that I heard is just stories of the past. The place was full of cottages and crowd. I had a tent with me so I thought I will find some place to pitch my tent first as it was around 3 when I reached there. Please note that the place can get dark by the evening so it’s always adviced to be on a safespot before 5P.M. I kept following a path showed by a localit when I asked about a place to pitch tent. After crossing the Tosh River,I saw a steep climb. I asked one villager to know if I am in the right path and he replied ” Just keep climbing the steep path and you will reach Kutla village. I was so happy and even though I was tired I kept climbing up an up.. It took me more than an hour to reach Kutla. Once I reached Kutla, I climbed further up to Buddhaban or the old forest which is a camping site. I pitched my tent  near the bank of a stream.

Next day morning I came to know that it is a famous camping spot for those who trekk to Spiti. Spiti valley is a 5 days walk from this point. There are a lot of other passes  which has to be started from Buddaban.

Snow flaked ~  A view of Papsura.

Kutla and Buddaban are very silent and prisitne so one thing I request is not to spoil the place with the basic human nature of destroying the environment.

The 90 year old who entertained me with his tales and folk song.

Twilight at Kutla

First rays from the sun.

Camping spot at Buddaban

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